Pilates & Movement Therapy Studio

Pilates & Movement Therapy Studio

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Barre & Rhythm Pilates with Veronica
Combines the core strength, control and precision of Pilates with the positions, moves and grace of ballet. The elements fuse to form a challenging and motivating workout.
Fusion with Veronica
A high cardio fusion of boxing, yoga and Pilates designed to train integrated strength, mobility and balance. The choreography combines functional strength movements along with Pilates inspired exercises and yoga flows throughout this high intensity workout.
Dance Fitness for Seniors
Kids Yoga & Meditation with Madison
A fun and relaxing class to get energy out and bring calm. Kids will engage in poses, games and meditations that will encourage movement, balance, coordination, social skills and peace of mind. Run by Madison, a qualified children's educator, this class is designed to bring happiness and clarity to your child. Designed for ages 5-12 years.
One on One with Veronica (call for appointment)
Mums & Bubs Yoga with Madison
The mother and baby connection is such an important one to foster. Join Madison (a qualified children's educator) for a class incorporating movement, play and breathwork. Enjoy gentle yoga for Mum whilst baby is free to roll safely on the mat. Engage in tummy time and positions designed to nurture the relationship along with encouraging important movements to help baby develop well.
Pilates for Active Ageing - $10
A class that incorporates pilates, yoga, movement neurology variations to maximise release of tightness, restriction whilst improving strength, coordination, mobility and stability.
Pilates Reactivated with Veronica
Pilates updated to suit modern day alignment and postural patterns. Working with the nervous system to organise and align the body to enable efficient movement and correct imbalances. This allows movement all day to create strength and endurance rather than weakness and tightness. Whether you are an athlete looking to improve performance and correct restrictions, or you simply want to end your working day without pain or tightness, this class is a great addition to your regular routine.
Power Yoga with Madison
Ignite fire in your body with this vinyasa inspired class. Using strong sequences get ready to sweat and enjoy the challenge that will bring heat, stamina and strength. Focus on body and mind by finishing with a short meditation. This class acknowledges and brings love to your whole being!
Release & Restore with Veronica
Slow moving release of connective tissue and muscular tension created by modern day life, our sports and training activities. This class will undo the tension which creates poor posture, alignment and movement habits across every area of our lives. A completely different approach to improving range of motion and flexibility.
Self Love Circle with Madison
The perfect routine to set you up for a happy and productive day. Awakening yoga flows, meditation, journalling and the use of optional essential oils. This class is the ultimate self care routine where you prioritise the importance of movement and connection using the power of a group circle. You cannot pour from an empty cup - come and fill yours....
Strength & Conditioning with Matteo
Incorporates functional fitness concepts in a small group environment to create a motivating and social class to build strength and cardiovascular fitness. Suitable for beginners through to baby boomers.
Stretch & Release with Veronica
This class aims to provide relief from modern day por posture, improve function and prepare you for your chosen spot or activity.
Synergy with Veronica
A slow and intentional class incorporating the mantra 'move every muscle and every joint in every direction, everyday'. Connection of mind, breath and movement to build strength, endurance, flexibility and mobility. Feel relaxed, energised and enjoy the benefits of bringing synergy to all system of the body.
TRX Flow with Veronica
Mobility and core focused workout combines yoga and pilates inspired movements on the TRX suspension trainer. The TRX provides added leverage for more advanced participants whilst also providing greater stability for those who are less mobile or new to this style of movement. Flowing sequences, both relaxing and energising, promote range of motion, flexibility and activation of the deep stabilisers of the spine and pelvis.
TRX Express with Matteo
This 45 minute class will integrate every muscle group to develop strength, balance and stability simultaneously. Using the TRX suspension trainers which leverage gravity and body weight to easily decrease or increase intensity to suit the individual.
Yin Yoga with Madison
A slow and gentle class to awaken the body and mind. Enjoy a series of poses designed to bring movement and gentle opening to your body. End the class with a peaceful meditation to bring gratitude and positivity to your mind.

One on One

One on One Initial Consultation - $150 (call for appointment)
First consult. Client will be taken through alignment work, neural activation and screening. Includes follow up email with before and after photos and reminders
One on One follow up - $60 (call for appointment)
After initial consult, for any ongoing issue or progression of rehabilitation or strength work.
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